Welcome to my online portal.  I am excited you are here and I am looking forward to working with you. 

​My name is Betsy and I am a certified FDN practitioner.  As a certified FDN practitioner I investigate underlying causes and conditions at the core of your health complaints.  I do this by taking an in depth health history (collected via an extremely thorough intake process) which is then coupled with functional lab testing (when applicable).  I do NOT diagnose or treat any disease, nor do I practice medicine. 

Deepening our innate intuitive abilities on all things health related, going on in our bodies, is part of life's journey.  When illness strikes it can be really confusing deciding which path (to healing) to take. Trial and error is part of the healing journey and it helps to strengthen our intuition by teaching us to tune into our bodies. 

Ready Health Go (RHG) focuses on educating clients on how to use a compound called Biocidin, and it's support formulas, to address toxic mold illness, Lyme and chronic conditions that are often hard to label or diagnose.